Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Open letter to Senator Schumer and Congressman Emanuel

I am writing to register a complaint with Senator Schumer. I have tried to call a couple time but have been disconnected both times so I thought I would email. I am a lifelong democrat from Wisconsin and am very upset of the treatment of Paul Hackett by Senator Schumer. While I liked what I heard of Paul Hackett, I was not a supporter becuase I live in WI. I am a supporter of the democratic process and felt that the people of Ohio should of been able to pick who they wanted to run as their Senate candidate. I also have a feeling that this is not an isolated case, and that for every instance we hear of there are many more that we do not. This is acceptable maybe in the Republican Party. but not in any party I will support with money, time and most importantly, my vote. I refuse to ever give a nickel to the democratic party again without a public apology to Paul Hackett from Senator Schumer and/or Congressmen Emanuel.
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