Sunday, June 11, 2006

Joe Klein - Liberal Columnist??


During a recent article in Time Magazine by Joe Klein where he started out the story touting the genius of the bottom feeder karl Rove, then ended calling the truly great American John Conyers an embarrassment, it prompted this letter which I wrote on the airplane.

May 20, 2006

Dear Editors:

I was in awe of the May 22nd issue and Joe Klein’s column, Easy Targets for Karl Rove. I was amazed that Mr. Klein started his column by touting Karl Rove’s genius. Karl Rove is in the eye of the storm of the outing of Valerie Plame, and everything in his history suggest that this is par for the course and not an aberration( with a laundry list of pranks from bugging his own office, to being behind various racist whisper campaigns, to getting fired by George H Bush for leaking). Karl Rove’s accomplishments are not what I would call genius.

The amazement was only trumped by the ending of his column which he calls Congressman John Conyers “an embarrassment”. Congressman Conyers, who is the only politician that Martin Luther King Jr. endorsed, is the exact opposite of Karl Rove. John Conyers has spent the vast majority of his life in public service working for the public’s good. Congressman Conyers has promised to investigate such transgressions as to how could we have such an intelligence failure as to led to the events of 9/11, how we were misled into fighting a war in Iraq, who is directly responsible for torturing inmates, and how the President can add signing statements to bills sent to him from Congress and blatantly disregard the laws(750 different laws have been disregarded so far), among others. If President Bush is guilty of any of these offenses, then Congressman Conyers will draw up the articles of impeachment. It is sad that we live in an America where trying to enforce and uphold the Constitution is being labeled as a witch hunt.

I also find it an interesting twist of fate that a column that attempts to paint Congressman Conyers as an extremist, leads into a story of the current administrations illegal data mining of American citizens.


Jeff Simpson


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