Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Wish List

In this Christmas Season, I was trying to get my Christmas List together and instead of sitting on Santa’s lap, I decided to put it in my blog and hope he reads it…..

For Christmas 2005 I wish(in no specific order)…..

Our new baby will be born healthy with no complications and a shorter labor.
Russ Feingold would run for President.
Karl Rove and Scooter Libby will end up in prison.
Big Hurt was healthy and coming back to the White Sox next year.
The Chicago Bears could settle their QB situation for the next ten years.
The defense able to hit the QB without a penalty.
The Senate would come back under democratic control.
The House of Representatives would come back under democratic control.
President Bush would actually do a press conference where he could not handpick the reporters or the questions.
Amy Goodman would get an uncancelable slot on Primetime Television.
Politicians would be unable to answer questions with “no comment!”
Life in Prison for any CEO & CFO who cooks the books in a company.
We would abolish the death penalty with the one exception of anyone knowingly tampering with elections in America. One Katherine Harris or Ken Blackwell on death row, would make us all trust the results of future elections.
No more casualties in Iraq, on either side.
For a third viable political party.
America would sign the Kyoto treaty
All Americans would have equal rights, no matter what their skin color or sexual preference.
Cell Phone Coverage was better in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.
Cell Phone companies took pride in customer service.
Daryn Kagan would break up with Rush Limbaugh. I can not seriously watch her on the news anymore. Besides the fact that is just plain disgusting.
I had started working on my MBA sooner.
My son was potty trained.
I could buy a bigger diamond ring for my wife.
I had the money to run for public office.
I could meet Willie Nelson.
That the minimum wage would rise the exact same percentage as Congressional pay raises every year.
Jack Abramoffs trial was covered on prime time network television with the same scrutiny and coverage as OJ or Michael Jacksons.
Public Education was number one priority.
Teachers, soldiers, policemen and firemen all made over $100,000/yr.
Bill O Reilly would shut up!
Alan Colmes would challenge Hannity’s lies just once.
I was in better shape
I could put the joy of fatherhood into words.
The Christmas season was longer.
I knew ahead of time if I would like a movie or not, so I would not waste my time watching such horrendous flicks as Bewitched or Must Love Dogs. How do people make such horrendous movies? Wonder if they even feel a little guilty?
Every politician was forced to pay a fine every time they tried to link 9/11 to Saddam Hussein and Iraq. The money could go into the veterans benefits fund, since the republicans like to cut there benefits from the budget.
I could meet Matt Groening.
The Milwaukee Brewers could get one more good pitcher.
The Milwaukee Bucks would not of traded Ray Allen.
The X-Files had not ended(how about some movies? I mean what have Duchoveny and Anderson done since?)
I had seen Waylon Jennings in concert before he died.
We would do a serious thorough investigation into Thimerasol. Then if we find it didn’t contribute to Autism in children fine, and if it did, we prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who knowingly put it out there, including Bill Frist.
My son would not grow up so fast.
A happy and healthy 2006 for all!!! debt consolidation loans