Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Yes Party

Actually the problem of the democrats is that they have been the party of Yes for far to long. Its hard for someone to justify voting for them when they are the party of yes. Ever since before Bush they have been the roll over and die party.....just look at their accomplishments. They said yes to:
* The disenfranchisment of thousands of voters in FL.
* To all but ten of Geedubyas judges and allowed many extremists in office.
* To a major power grab and the end of to many civil rights with the passage of the patriot act.
* To Condi Rice as Secretary of State after she proved out to be one of the worst national security advisors in history and lied to Congress and the American People.
*To Alberto Gonzalez, even though he was the driving force responsible for allowing the US to torture our prisoners even though it is illegal, immoral, unethical doesnt work and hurts America in the long haul.
* To being led into a war of choice by false pretenses.
* To allowing the Bush administration to change why they went to war numerous times.
* To taking credit for creating a homeland security department, even though they came up with the idea he just tweaked it to make sure the employees were going to get screwed.
* To the No Child Left Behind Bill which is a not only a poor bill becuase of their emphasis on testing, but also is largely unfunded.
* To allowing this president to not only run up record deficits that our children will have to pay, but couples those with tax cuts to the rich.
* To a bankruptcy bill that the credit card companies basically wrote that will screw you if your in the service, lose your job, or have a serious medical condition, yet protects you if your amulti millionaire who needs a nice house to live in when they declare bankruptcy and erase their debts.
* To congressional raises while making sure the minimum wage doesnt increase.
* To a gay prostitute in the white house with unlimited access to the president.
* To allowing someone in the administration to out an undercover CIA agent as means of revenge.

I think with this long list of accomplishments as yes men and women to the President and the Republicans im not sure how much more Yes this country can take. Luckily a few Senators have realized that in the past election more Americans voted against the sitting president than any president in history. they have also realized that Senate democrats recevied over 4 million more votes than their republican counterparts. Its time for them to start earning that trust and start saying no!! debt consolidation loans