Friday, January 20, 2006

John Kerry's Shameful act.

It was recently mentioned in the Nation , where Alexander Cockburn stated that John Kerry, due to his many campaign advisors from the Bush Administration had to know that Bush was illegally spying on Americans.

From the article:

Ever since the New York Times loitered a year late into print with its disclosure about the NSA spying program (only the latest in a sequence of unconstitutional infamies by that agency stretching back for decades, mostly against domestic political protesters), I've seen it argued that if the Times had gone with the story last year, Kerry might be President.
But if the Democrats had cared about the Constitution, they could have broken the story last year. Democratic Congressional leaders knew, because the whistleblowers from the NSA desperately tried to alert them, only to get the cold shoulder. Kerry's prime advisers on such matters--Richard Clarke and Rand Beers--knew, because they'd previously been Bush's top functionaries in the "war on terror."

This was an extreme disappointment to me as I supported Senator John Kerry from the very beginning and realize if he knew that and kept silent then I and the rest of the progressives and democrats in the country supported the wrong candidate.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

The following is my letter to John Kerry, I will post any response I get.

Dear Senator Kerry:

I am writing in regards to the latest story of the Bush/NSA wiretapping. I recently read an article in the Nation stating that becuase you had so many people from the Bush Administration working on your campaign, (Rand Beers, Richard Clarke, etc...), that you must of known that this was happening also. As a supporter of yours from the beginning of the primary season through the general election that disappointed me greatly. I attended every single time you visited Madison, WI and I also brought my family whenever I could.

I was initially disappointed when you were not the one to contest the election, and that burden fell on barbra boxers shoulders. While I have read much about this, and agree there probably was not enough to overturn the election in Ohio, there was definitely en ough voter fraud that this needs to be investigated. Unfortunately, I do not think it has been and do not feel confident we will ever have a fair election in certain states again.

While the election disappointed me, if it is true that you knew about the Bush/NSA spying on Americans during the election season and did not bring it up as an issue, i am even more disappointed. When the President blatantly breaks the law and goes against the Constitution of the United States, the very foundation of our democracy, we need leaders to stand up and fight for us. The stakes are too high and without real leadership leading this fight, i fear for our democracy and the future of our country. If we can not look to you as the only presidential contender to stand up for the constitution, then who will? I hope that my information is false, but I fear for the future of our country if it isn’t.

Thank you for your time.

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